How old were you when you started riding a bike?


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one thing you might do Steven, is use your phone to video fun things your GF is doing-go to the park, laughing, playing Frisbee, whatever. Normal things, not out of the ordinary, but clearly when she's in a good mood and having a normal existence. But don't tell her why you're doing it. You're just recording the fun we had together and why you care about her so much etc. Just two people who care about each other having a great time together. Then when she gets in her spells, and doesn't see that she'll ever get out of it, say, yknow, I came across these videos I took back when and then rerun the video to prove that she will. It would be really hard to refute the evidence, although she will try and say it's different this time. But you know, and inside she does too, that it's not any different. Tell her it may take some time to get out of it but that she's proved it over and over that it will get better. But that you like her no better or worse when she's in either of her moods. It's just part of her that you're there for too.

the funny story is funny. great question your friend had! in my practice, people have come with problems that are mostly problems that other people have with them, because of their judgments and views of how things may be. So I ask them, how is this affecting YOUR life? Work, relationships, etc, and then they realize that they don't have a problem except with other people who say they have a problem. it mainly becomes one then of communication with the other person as to what it is that's bugging them about the now patients' behavior. that usually has a completely different reason, and once it gets aired then the patient can choose to change some things.

One of my favorite sayings is "just because you function perfectly well in an insane world does NOT mean you are sane." :) BTW way. the answer to the first question posed is "stop doing that!" but you know that too.
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Shanghai Dan

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Started on dirt bikes back when I was 10. Now, 38 years later, I've been lucky enough to own lots of rides over the years, and have ridden on 6 continents...


I was 13, just before I got my official "restricted" license at 10:00am on my 14th birthday. And for 9 years and 200,000+ miles never looked back.

JSYK, then I went into "Motorcylce Carbonite" (ala Han Solo in Star Wars) not even sitting on a parked bike for a full 38 years. Once released after the kids were grown & gone, I went nuts and start up The Trinity Trike conversion company. During that period 5 conversions were intended to be for me, but each were sold within weeks to plow the profits back into the failing company which I put out of its misery just shy of its 5th birthday.

After the Trinity burial, I did a 1982 GL500i Honda Silverwing Interstate that I decked out as a homage to the legendary Indian motorcycle line that I rode almost a year and loved it dearly.

I sold that at my wife's suggestion to do my CTX six speed. Her concern was my riding around on a 34 year old bike (ignoring that I was twice that age myself!).

Just for reliability alone, that proved to be a great idea, but I think she preferred keeping my trike in the garage while in pieces to my actually riding it. That worked for another 1.5 years, but that phase will be done next month!
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I started riding 15 years ago, at age 39.

On several trips to Europe, I had fallen in love with scooters, which are practically everywhere.

One day I came home from work, and my husband surprised me with a third-hand Honda Elite 80. And that, as they say, is where all the trouble started! LOL


Probably around 10-12 yrs old..."microcycle" they used to call them....Briggs and Stratton pull cord start...metal rail against bare tire for brakes, slip clutch....about 2 foot off the ground


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1968 I was 14 and obtained a hardship license to ride a bike of 100cc or less. I purchased a 1964 Honda 90 Street to commute to a local farm for summer work. That 90 served me well for the next two years at which time I was able to get a license with no size restriction and moved up to a 1968 Honda CB350. Since then I have owned relatively few bikes compare to some folks. Three more Hondas, 7 BMWs and now at just a little over 461K miles logged.


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I am 69 years old and the first time to solo was on my best friends Honda Dream 305cc in 1966. I think that I was 15 1/2. Within the next year I traded my Fender Bassman blonde piggy-back amplifier for a 1959 Cushman Eagle motorscooter. Now both of those are quite valuable collector's items. Since then I have owned close to 30 different motorcycles (one at a time). I can't quit. My wife bought her first bike in 2015 at 55. She says that she was tired of getting part of my helmet in the photos she took while we rode two up. ?