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Sorry, I just now noticed your message! I'm posting an update with the latest information tonight.

Hi, I am interested in a pair of the brackets. Thank you!!
Hi Bob, interested in a pair of the brackets. So appreciate you setting this up.
Sorry, but until 3 minutes ago, I had no idea that there were messages here! Here's how to get to the new vendor (Grille Technologies). Their phone numbers are: 727-848-3300 or 727-233-9976. As of January 2020, the retail price is $165.00 including shipping to wherever the US Postal Flat Rate goes. Delivery elsewhere can be arranged. The contacts at Grille Tech are Ryan or Casey Walsh.
We should go riding togther sometime. I just purchased a CTX 700 DCT. Live in Arlingon TX about 30 miles from waxahatchie.
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