Seat removal tips?


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So, my seat really doesn't want to come off. I turn the key, and I don't think it's catching.

Short term, this isn't really a big deal. Long term...I kinda wanna tend my battery since it's -5 out and I probably can't ride for at least another week.

I'll alert the dealership when I go back for my service, difficult should it really be?


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Should not be hard, just turn the key lift up on the rear of the seat and slide it back toward you to get it off. Maybe a quick spray of WD 40 in the lock , if there is moisture, or ice preventing it from turning or releasing. If not - see dealer. -JLC


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I removed mine easily last week. Now the damn thing won't come off. After turning the key, I can pull up the back where the catch is, but can't pull the seat back to slide it off. May try wd40 as had a similar problem with my Honda Grom and it helped. My bike is garaged and a month old so moisture is no issue. May have the dealer adjust the lock under the seat. With the other Honda, the dealer made an adjustment. Funny, only have this problem with Hondas!