How did you find the site.


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Devils over there has a wonderful and yet odd at times sense of humor. But I've come to know him as a wonderful guy as well. The mod of whom you you speak is a different breed of cat. I agree here with Dave. Let it stay there. There was alot of animosity here though, as well, in the beginning, but that was natural given the circumstances. But really, not needed any longer.

Politics is also so immersive in our lives today. A few comments here or there are gonna happen. You just gotta let it roll off, unless it becomes pervasive. That's a different issue. You gonna bail after a comment or two you're gonna be moving alot. :) I won't tolerate bigotry for any type. Race, gender, gender expression, culture, that has no purpose in discussion, and you can see it when that is the case. When it does happen, I will publically post against it because it has no place. I will never allow a member, here, or in the human race, to stand alone against this type of behavior. Just so we're clear.

Btw Honda fan, I knew you on the other side as well. Welcome over here too. Nice to see you, too!


Yes, us real riders still go to work when it's cold out.
Except today, the Weather service put out an advisory for Icy road conditions this afternoon, I'm planning to not be on the bike in that.

I admit the lady doesn't want to do our fun runs in the cold, but she doesn't have the right gear for it ye. She doesn't want to get gear she won't use, but won't use it cause she doesn't have it, ...
Looking for a new helmet, If the roads clear I may pick a day to go out to Cycle Gear and explain to them what I want.

Why is it all the options I want except internal visor are easy to find around $100, and all the options I want except the breath box are easy to find around $100, but to get both I have to lose something else or shell out $400? Those two things don't take up the same space. are not mutually exclusive in purpose, and are not redundant. Anyway, that's off topic.


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was searching saddle bags for ctx700 and a link came up. Thought I was already registered then found there are two ctx700 forums...


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For all of you that have become members of the site... how did you find it. I have been advertising it a few different ways and want to see what ones are most effective..
I saw the site online, and as a ctx700 owner I wanted to join


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Googled it looking for info as a new owner. Used the Volusia Forum in the past and thought there must be one for these as well. This was the top of the google search.