center stand wanted


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just bought a 2014 ctx 700 and trying to find correct part numbers for a centerstand. i understand there is a company in japan that can supply a stand. any info? thanks


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I bought one had it shipped from Japan, took a while. Up stop on the wrong side but fitted and works ok. I think mine is for the standard Honda 700. Lifts bike up quite a way. I try and find paperwork. Checked CL056475475JP
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I bought the stand on ebay in 2020 from a seller in Russia. He is still listing them at this time and his prices are still pretty good. My model is a 2017 DCT.
The stand did not fit out of the box. I had to lower the cross piece a couple inches but I do some fabrication and it was not too difficult. It may actually fit other models but probably not. Before buying, I would ask him if he has altered his design for a better fit. His ship time wasn't excessive but in today's world that has likely changed.